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A guitar to instill passion for music to your child

As a parent, you would want to be able to help cultivate the likes and passions of your child. This is especially true if he happens to be very interested in music. If you are thinking of getting him a musical instrument, one very good choice would be a guitar.


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One of the things that a lot of guitar enthusiasts are looking forward to is looking for an instrument and then buying one, this is especially true these days when some stores are around, and there are some choices for people to select from.


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Most famous guitar intros

Some of the most famous guitar intros can stick in your head for hours. For instance, we drive in our cars to work or school daily and if we happen to hear one of these songs with a famous guitar intro, we’re bound to keep on driving. It’s what we do. We, at least, sit in the parking lot or drive-way of our house and, maybe, go that extra mile just to hear these intros (and songs). We do it because we know that the song is going to be good. It’s worth listening to because the intro gives us that right.
It’s the “hook” to the beginning of the song. Sometimes we learn how to play only that part of the song! These songs are known to give guitarists this effect, especially when we can’t play the guitar, although, we’ll learn the intros. (When it comes to those introduction guitar riffs or leads, it’s worth it.
Nevertheless, these intros are what make the song which have gone down in rock and roll history. They’re in our iPods, our ring-tones, our computer music data files and what’s more we either grew up with them, or our parents did. These are the most famous guitar intros in rock-and-roll history.

RUSH “Spirit of the Radio”

– This song came out in 1980 on the Permanent Waves album. You hear the guitarist, Alex Lifeson, play his famous intro, and you just know you’re about to rock! This guitar lick is actually an easy one to play if you know how to do hammer-ons and pull-offs. The intro is “the spirit” of the song and one of the most famous guitar intros in rock and roll history. If you can follow the major opening guitar lick throughout the introduction, you’ll quickly notice it’s repetitive. With that said, the finger on top of the fretboard quickly repeats itself with hammer-ons and pull-offs and then suddenly to an open E and then goes into the main riff.

Black Sabbath “Ironman”

– The Ironman song which was released on the Paranoid album in 1970 is a memorable song with an unforgettable intro. It was that particular intro that made the song. A “killer bend” of the low E string down about 1/4 fret on the 1st fret of the fretboard is all it took to get this sound. Actually, in the beginning, even before the chorus is sung, it begins with a slow and drawn out low sounding E and sustained. Then Ozzy sings “I AM IRON MAN” which is repeated in a low octave voice from that E note bended, twice. It’s considered epic to most Sabbath fans. It’s that low sounding main riff that comes out and then into the song. It’s considered one of the pinnacle guitar faves and one of the hallmark’s of Black Sabbath’s all time piece’s played by guitarist Tony Iommi’s groan-style introductions to Sabbaths songs.

Led Zeppelin “Stairway To Heaven”

– Naturally, the beginning of this song was taught to every classical guitar student in America. It almost felt as if it was required to learn if you were a student of classical guitar, especially the intro. The intro was in fact what most of the “wanna-be” guitarists would want to learn how to play first before any other rock song. It really didn’t matter about the rest of it, it’s that intro that grabbed our attention. It’s the most memorable part and so delicately played by Jimmy Page released in 1971.

Nirvana “Smells like Teen Spirit”

– You have to have this one on the list because nobody can’t deny this on the list of the most famous guitar intros in music. It’s what made every one want to jump up and down when they saw the video for the first time in the beginning of the nineties. Kurt Cobain playing this was so awesome and teens loved it. What were they saying anyway? Who cares? The music is what counted with this riff at the intro of this music.

Metallica “Battery”

– It’s the all-time most famous guitar intro because it starts nice and sweet and then hell breaks loose and Kirk Hammet introduces the audience with a mean old fast riff which is spell-binding. It’s an all-time favorite and lasts awhile too! All metal fans love it and they bang their head at concerts, in their cars, at work, or alone at home while listening to it! One of the most famous Metallica songs and one of the most hen Metallica plays this song, on average they will play it first at their live concerts. When they went on the “Master of Puppets” tour, it was either this one or “Master of Puppets” which is on everyone’s top metal song list, no doubt. The thing about Battery it starts so fast, you automatically want to start playing air guitar and head-bang, or go into a mosh pit. The crunching sound of this riff is the best! It’s all strumming by Hammet’s and James Hetfield’s guitar playing is the main music element that pack that punch for the entire song with Lars Ulrich at his drums double bassing away and followed by no other than Cliff Burton with his head down low, as well as his Richenbacher bass and him finger tapping at a fast rate of speed. All four together playing this thrash song which was the first song of the Master of Puppets album is one reason why it’s one of the most famous guitar intros in music, especially hard rock and metal.

Iron Maiden “Trooper”

– “You take my life and I’ll take yours too!” is the beginning of this song and metal maniacs cry it out at all the Iron Maiden concerts with such emotions. This is undeniably one of the most famous guitar intros in music. Again war and shedding blood for land and honor is what the Iron Maiden fans will get. It was on the fourth album which released in June 1983. Being the second single on this album, “Piece of Mind”, it was heard on the radio in the U.K. (at No. 12) and in the U.S. (at No. 28). It has potential to be the best of all time in guitar intros. When Maiden played it on tour, it’s this song that people wait for to hear. Then everyone goes crazy even though it’s another song about blood, war, country, and honor, it’s the intro that makes this the most famous guitar intros in music history.

Ozzy Osbourne “Crazy Train”

– Ozzy really let loose when he split from Black Sabbath. This is one of the most famous guitar intros in rock and roll and metal music because of the guitarist. When Osbourne went solo, and then meeting up with the gifted and talented axe-man Randy Rhoads, how can you not have this duo as on the list. Without Rhoads, this intro wouldn’t be in existence. The first single in the album began a riveting ride to the beginning of the song with Ozzy laughing loud and Rhoads coming in with a guitar slide and strumming the main riff in the first 15 seconds of the song. The first single in Ozzy’s first debut album, “Blizzard of Oz”, stayed in top of the charts for awhile when it was released in 1980. Rhoads, Ozzy, and Bob Daisley wrote it. Both, chords and leads have confessing lyrics. Rhoad’s finger-mixing scales and riffs also pulls this song together making it one the best in guitar intros of all time. What do you expect during the Reagonomic years? It kept Ozzy fans’ ears and eyes on his band for decades to come.

Here’s some other with famous guitar intros:

  1. Slayer “Raining Blood”
  2. Dio “Holy Diver”
  3. Metallica “Sanitarium”
  4. Anthrax “Caught in a Mosh”

Finally, when these guitarists play these most famous intros live, you know exactly what song is about to be played, even if it’s only the teaser-notes or that one G chord strummed. Again, it’s embedded in our memory-bank even when we’re not musically-inclined.
We play air-guitar as we hear these intros as if know each and every finger pick or hammer-on, but that’s publically okay since everyone seems to “want to play it.”

The Most Expensive Guitars in the world

Music is food for the soul, which is why it is easy to connect a songs to emotions. Music is also a means of self-expression. It also plays an important part in our socio-cultures as it carries with it a sense of belonging. People say talent makes good music, but I believe practice makes it perfect. As much as fans awe from the vocals, other instruments on the background play a vital role in making music. The guitar is one of the oldest means of making musical sounds and until today and it is undeniable, it still sounds great. Many music genres depend on the instrument for that special kick. Therefore, many musicians and music producers have fallen in love with the guitar play in every artistic idea they come up with, I must admit it looks and sounds cool too.
There are so several types of guitars used to play different tones and tunes. Therefore, it is essential to do some research depending on your interests while looking to buy one. However, in this article we will be looking at the most expensive guitars you will see out there in the world. Below is the list:

The Most Expensive Guitar Ever Sold

Reach Out to Asia

The Fender Stratocaster ‘Reach Out to Asia.’ This is the most expensive guitar ever to be sold in the whole world at $2.7 million. This guitar was made as a result of a tsunami that badly hit Asia and was, therefore, an initiative to raise money for the affected communities. The guitar has been signed by 19 legendary artists such as Eric Clapton.

The Most Expensive Vintage

When we talk of vintage, we sometimes automatically think of old, dusty and rusty stuff in our storerooms. But this is not the case with the 1936-’42 Martin D-45 guitars. They are beautiful as they are expensive and are a good investment if you are the kind to sell your collectibles after they have gained more value over the years. This acoustic guitar will cost you a minimum of $250,000 and a maximum of $400,000.
The Most Expensive Acoustic Guitar
Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Private stock which is also known as The Tree is currently the most expensive Acoustic guitar. This is a limited edition guitar that was made for PRS’ 25th anniversary thus making it a one of a kind and an exceptional musical instrument.

The Most Expensive Guitar Brand

Our list would be incomplete if we did not include a guitar manufacturing company that produces some of the most expensive instruments. Gibson is the most significant guitar firm having a net worth of $ 4.8 Billion and was founded in 1902 and are therefore equipped with a lot of experience. This company is renowned for making the world’s most expensive and elegant guitars. It is no wonder that most of their clientele includes celebrities such as Charlie Christian who promotes their guitars.

If you are starting in your musical career or are already and you are interested in playing the guitar, then this guide will act as an eye-opener to what the world of musical instruments (guitars) is. It will show you the different pricing and aspects that determine the pricing of a guitar.

The Most Famous Guitar Riffs You Will Never Forget

When the guitarists crunches the first few notes of a classic song or if he just plays as few notes as possible, then he will no doubt give out the most memorable riff. This list of the most famous guitar riffs has exactly that. This is also a list of songs where the first chords are instantly recognizable.

Smoke On The Water-Deep Purple

When someone says the word “riff”, the first song that comes to your mind is ‘Smoke On The Water’. This is regarded as the bedrock of every rock and the solid foundation propping up rock music. The beauty of this riff is that it is one of the most difficult in this list. So the overwhelming thought that it is elegantly simple is what hits most musicians.

The Trooper-Iron Maiden

If ‘The Trooper” by Iron Maiden isn’t your most famous guitar riffs then you are probably searching the wrong website. This song is famous for its quintessential guitar anthems. This is the song that keeps funs galloping around the room. It is important to remember that this song hit number 12 in the UK singles chart.

Back in Black-AC/DC

This is one of the most famous guitar riffs that appeals to everybody as it is both a rock and metal song. What makes it cut across all ages is the monumental, no-nonsense, three-chord monster of a riff. Fanatics say that the guitar is sweet enough to raise the dead. This isn’t far from the truth especially when you listen to the tank-like riff booming through the speaker.

Whole Lotta Love-Led Zeppelin

After Zep’s album was released in January, it quickly climbed the Billboard chart and was the most talked about song. The song ‘Whole Lotta Love’ became their onstage anthem thanks to the distinctive, stuttering guitar riff.

Master Of Puppets-Metallica

This is not only one of the most famous guitar riffs out there but also happens to be Metallica’s most played live song of all time. The little pushes you hear throughout the tune make the song memorable.

Acoustic guitars vs classical

Whenever any individual decides to take music lessons today, one of the first things that they may need to do is find the best instrument on the market for their needs. Since the type of instrument and its quality can make a significant difference in how well they will perform, most people will do their research before getting started. Therefore, for those people who are interested in string instruments like the guitar, there are numerous essential things that they will need to know. Specifically, when they are trying to make a decision between the different types of guitars that people play regularly.

Having said that, two of the most common types that many people enjoy playing and starting their career with includes the acoustic and the classical guitars. Both of which have similarities and significant differences too. So, for those of you who are interested in the major differences between each instrument, you should take note of the following.

Differences in Appearances

Even though both types look very similar, there are some distinct differences between each that can assist potential buyers with identifying which one is which. Typically, it is important to point out that the classical guitars can be described as those that have much older designs. While the older designs are identifying mark or trade for this instrument, the older in design terms does not really mean or equate to a description of outdated or archaic. In fact, most people may describe a classical guitar as one that is made of a more traditional is make-up.


Differences in Body Size

If you are looking to buy acoustic guitars vs classical guitar types, you should look at the size of the body to determine which one is which. For instance, the classical guitars are well known for possessing much smaller body sizes, especially when it is being compared to the steel-stringed acoustic. However, it is also important to note that some acoustic guitars are very similar in size to the classical body size and its dimension. In fact, this type of acoustic guitar is called a parlor model.


Differences in String designs and Fingerboards

Another big difference between the acoustic guitars vs classical are the strings and the fingerboard. This is because the classical styles are made with nylon strings and flatter fingerboards, while the acoustic guitars are designed with steel strings and slimmer fingerboards. Therefore, some people with smaller hands may find that the classical guitar much easier to play compared to the acoustic guitar.

When an individual makes a decision to play the guitar, it is important that they are ready to do a lot of practicing. In fact, even if the person signs up for a formal training class for this instrument, they will need a lot of practice at home with their own instrument. So, buying the right guitar for any setting is critical to becoming the best in performing. Though buying a new instrument for the individual may not be as difficult as one may think, there is some essential information that everyone will need to know as they shop around for the ideal guitar for their lessons. One of the most important is understanding the primary differences between the acoustic guitar and the classical guitar. Specifically, when it comes to comparing the actual appearances, its body size and the distinctions between the strings materials and the fingerboard’s dimensions.

Best brands for electric guitar

Brands are what represent the company’s capability to produce quality products and
services. When you purchase a branded product you have the assurance that you
are not only getting that preferred product but also all the benefits of
service that comes with it.

When it comes to the best guitar brands it does not only takes who is popular in the market
but also who produces the most satisfying guitars in the industry. Some may be
popular because they have a single make that hit the guitar industry with a surprise
guitar while some may be popular because they have fulfilled the satisfaction
of the music producers for long periods of time. Either way some of them have to be the best to
satisfy a large customer base. 


It is for this reason that we will spend some time with this post revealing to you some
of the best electric guitar brands in the market, showing you why they are the
best with an intention that you will be able to make a choice with whichever brand
meets your satisfaction as a guitar player. 


Best electric guitar brands overview 

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation(FMIC) 


This company, which is one of the largest guitar manufacture, features some of the most popular guitar
brands which include Fender, Squire, Gretsch, Jacson, Charvel and EVH. Among
these brands there are some of the most loved and most popular electric guitars.
These include the Fender American Stratocaster,Squire vintage modified, Gretsch
G5420T, Fender Deluxe Thinline Telecaster and Fender Deluxe P-Bass special.

Their long journey of guitar production, since 1946, has been able guide crafting
instruments that are functional, stylish and easy to use. They have laid keen
focus on producing efficient guitar hardware and electronics to enhance
production of louder, exciting and satisfactory musical tones. 



Yamaha has been one of the largest and most popular music instruments brand. They have
been able to capture artist’s music sense with productions ranging from
keyboards, drums, guitars. Some of their best production electric guitars
include Yamaha BB series BB424 electric guitar and Yamaha Pacifica series.

With long years of quality music instruments production Yamaha has been committed with
unique expertise to produce musically exciting and culturally inspired electric
guitars among other instruments. They have been regarded as experts on hardware
crafting and also on guitar electronic enhancements. The brand also takes pride
in customer satisfaction through enhanced customer support and guidance on
instrument usage and maintenance. 




epiphone, which is an American manufacture of musical instruments, has been in operation
since 1873. Through this long journey in music instruments production Epiphone has
been named and awarded as one of the best music instrument production company in the world.
Some of their best electric guitars include Epiphone Les Paul, Epiphone
Wildkat, and Epiphone Broadway electric jazz guitar. 


Like any well-developed music instrument company Epiphone electric guitars stand out as musically satisfying
with keen design on hardware and guitar electronics. The brand offers warranties
on all their guitars, as all the above brands, to assure customers of quality
in their products. The brand also offers a platform to artists to showcase their talents
while using their products. 


Schecter Guitar Research Company 

Schecter is one of the world’s premier guitar manufactures offering production of acoustic,
electric guitars and bass guitars since 1976. Some of their most popular electric
guitar productions include Schecter Omen Extreme 6, Schecter Hellraiser and
Schecter Stiletto Custom 4. The brand also features some of the most exemplifying
custom and handmade electric guitars. 


The brand has given great detail to design to enhance production of guitars that are
musically efficient and satisfying. They have paid keen attention to hardware
and electronics to ensure maximum function and long periods of service in the
production of their electric guitars. Their packages also includes warranties and
customer support for great customer experience. 

brands for bass guitar



Bass guitars come in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and functionalities. They are all suited for various tasks occasions and purposes. More often than not, the best bass guitars are those that are manufactured by companies that make the best electrical guitars. These are companies that have built their legacies over decades and even centuries. This article discusses the best bass guitar brands.


Fender is a legendary manufacturer in the music world. Its bass guitars have been a key component for most music genres for over fifty years. Fender is commonly known for its passive four-string instruments, though it also has a number of five-string active instruments.

Fender has high quality instruments which come with high performance components and innovative design tweaks. However, they have still maintained that classic look and feel that has made the brand famous for all those years.


Squier is a sister brand to Fender. Most of these guitars are low cost versions of the Fender brands. They are ideal for beginner players looking for a high quality instrument at a reasonable price. The Affinity Series is renowned to the most affordable make. 

Nonetheless, Squier also manufactures bass guitars that are perfect for veteran musicians. These include makes such as the Vintage Modified series and the Classic Vibe. They are much more expensive but will surely give the player great value for money. 


This brand is common amongst metal and jazz musicians. It started out many decades ago by manufacturing quality imitations of American instruments. However it has evolved over the years to produce some high quality instruments under their own name. 

Its BTB lines and Soundgear are known for versatile electronics and fast necks, as well as some beautiful wooden finishes. Over the years, its Soundgear lineup has been upgraded with some magnificent body styles, tonewoods, hardware and innovative electronics. 


Spector is another American brand that is highly revered in the bass guitar world. Their instruments are loved for their warm, deep, woody tone and cool finishes. Musicians in fields such as jazz and metal also rely on this brand for their sound. 

The most popular make is the NS, which came to the fore several decades ago. Spector brand basses can be quite expensive though there are cost friendly models such as the Pefromer’ which is perfect for mid-level music players. 


The Warwick is a German brand that has some remarkable instruments to its name. Makes such as the Streamer, Thumb and Corvette are highly coveted by musicians. These instruments are manufactured from exotic tonewoods and have some stunning finishes. The Warwick Corvette is one of the best bass guitars in the market. Low cost versions of this brand are also available for beginners or musicians operating on a budget. 


With the above bass guitar brands, you can be rest assured that you will get an instrument that suits your goals and needs. Nevertheless, note that a brand with a good reputation may not be always the best for you. Conduct extensive research so as to make an informed decision before acquiring one.

Also check out The Top 8 Bass Amps On The Market on

Best brands for electric guitar 






How to Buy Your Child’s First Guitar

If you have a kid who is interested in learning about playing the guitar, then you need to make sure that you can give him all the support that he needs to succeed. You will want to get him all the support that is necessary, so he gets to learn how to play the instrument. But before you will go ahead and start searching for a teacher that can be tasked to teach him how to play the instrument, you need to make sure first that you can find the right guitar.

Part of showing support to your child is making sure that he is provided with the right instrument. By right, this means that he is getting a really good quality instrument that he can play and practice with. You will find the whole buying process can be quite a challenge if you are not an experienced musician yourself. Before you get all bewildered and overwhelmed by the purchase, make sure to know what things to look for first before you decide to enter a guitar store.

There is a wide selection of brands of guitar that are available for you, and this can make it a little hard for you to make your choice. A young child who is still starting out to play the instrument is not going to need an expensive model. It is not only unnecessary. It is also not practical. You will want to buy a cheaper instrument, but you need to see to it that it is going to be durable enough for the constant use that it is going to be subjected to. If you are going electric, some brands to consider would include Yamaha, Pyle, and Fender Squire Strats. If you want to go acoustic, then among the choices include Yamaha, Epiphone, and Luna among others.

Do avoid the super cheap kind. They are very tempting, yes. But most of them are a lot harder to play which will only obstruct your child’s progress in learning how to play the instrument.

You will need to consider the age as well as the size of your kid when deciding how big or small the instrument should be. Since this is for a child, you might want to consider getting ½ or ¾ size instrument. This has something to do with the neck length of the scale length of the instrument it is also proportional to how the average full guitar is sized. Size can make all the difference especially since it can affect the overall ease and comfort in which one gets to play the instrument.

Righty or Lefty
Consider if you have a left-handed or a right-handed child as well. You will need to be sure that they are going to use their dominant hand when playing the instrument. This is why it is best that you will determine ahead of time what it is exactly that would make the instrument a more playable item for your kid.

Go local
It is always best to go for the local stores that sell these devices. Avoid those establishments where you have to deal with salesmen that do the commission-based transaction. Buying at corporate giants is never a good idea. This is because they usually do not have your best interest as the main goal, but that they can sell you something that they can get some financial benefits from.

The best thing with a local store is that they tend to go the extra mile to make sure that your buying experience is going to be outstanding. So, always see to it that you see the local businesses if you want to get the best guitar and at the same time, a most excellent customer service.