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Most Famous Guitar Riffs You Will Never Forget

Most Famous Guitar Riffs You Will Never Forget

The Most Famous Guitar Riffs You Will Never Forget

When the guitarists crunches the first few notes of a classic song or if he just plays as few notes as possible, then he will no doubt give out the most memorable riff. This list of the most famous guitar riffs has exactly that. This is also a list of songs where the first chords are instantly recognizable.

Smoke On The Water-Deep Purple

When someone says the word “riff”, the first song that comes to your mind is ‘Smoke On The Water’. This is regarded as the bedrock of every rock and the solid foundation propping up rock music. The beauty of this riff is that it is one of the most difficult in this list. So the overwhelming thought that it is elegantly simple is what hits most musicians.

The Trooper-Iron Maiden

If ‘The Trooper” by Iron Maiden isn’t your most famous guitar riffs then you are probably searching the wrong website. This song is famous for its quintessential guitar anthems. This is the song that keeps funs galloping around the room. It is important to remember that this song hit number 12 in the UK singles chart.

Back in Black-AC/DC

This is one of the most famous guitar riffs that appeals to everybody as it is both a rock and metal song. What makes it cut across all ages is the monumental, no-nonsense, three-chord monster of a riff. Fanatics say that the guitar is sweet enough to raise the dead. This isn’t far from the truth especially when you listen to the tank-like riff booming through the speaker.

Whole Lotta Love-Led Zeppelin

After Zep’s album was released in January, it quickly climbed the Billboard chart and was the most talked about song. The song ‘Whole Lotta Love’ became their onstage anthem thanks to the distinctive, stuttering guitar riff.

Master Of Puppets-Metallica

This is not only one of the most famous guitar riffs out there but also happens to be Metallica’s most played live song of all time. The little pushes you hear throughout the tune make the song memorable.

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